Hi,  My name is Kimberly.

I am an American (from Texas), living in Australia.

As I was desperately trying to find the right supplies to finish one of my many DIY projects it suddenly occured to me that I should share my experiences and knowledge of the two countries with others.  There are many differences that most people don't realize.   The supplies, sources, electricity voltage and even the seasons are different between America and Australia.  (For instance, Christmas is in the heat of the summer in Australia - not the dead of the winter as in America).

Before moving to Australia and settling into a hot Christmas, I was an interior decorator.  I enjoyed working with many clients draping, upholstering and decorating their homes.  This naturally led to an interest in real estate so I became a Realtor.  My mission was to find the perfect home for each and every client.

My moto, "It's All About Home", suited my interests so well.  I love turning a house into a home.

I hope you will join me on my journey of creating a place of comfort and relaxation while exploring these two very different countries.

Happy Decorating,

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