Half Apron Made for A Man

I recently had a friend open a restaurant.  He knew I liked to sew and that I have made several aprons which I sell on Etsy.  He asked if I wouldn’t mind making him an apron. 

He wanted something that would hold up and not look “cheap”.

How could I say No?

This is what I came up with.

half apron

It is made as a “one size fits all”.  I fully lined it, including the front pocket, just because I believe things look better, hang more smoothly and hold up longer when they are fully lined.  A side benefit; I can complete the apron without all of those ugly seams that always seem to unravel over time.

The apron is secured with a tie that can be wrapped around the front, secured in the back, tied with a knot, or finished with a bow.

My friend wanted to tie his in the front.


But he tied it high enough that you can’t see the knot (there is a small flap around the top to make this apron look even more professional).

The apron even looks great on women.


It’s just a shame that my camera kept fogging up in this unbelievable humidity!

Oh well, next week the sun should return. 

Pretty, please…..

Have a great weekend and stay dry!


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