Wooden Growth Ruler

Mini-me recently turned 3 years old.


It occurred to me that he was growing up a lot faster than I’m prepared for.  I began to wonder how much he has grown in the last year and realized that I had not been keeping a chart.  (Yes, I know; bad Mom). 

I used to have a store bought growth chart (you know the kind that clings to the wall), but when we moved, it somehow disappeared.  Eighteen months of growing, lost!

I have recently fixed this.


You see, I reckon that furniture doesn’t get lost in a move.

We move a lot.


Since we move a lot, marking walls or door frames is useless.  This ruler solves that.  I can take it down and move it with me.


And it looks great in any room.  So I’m sure to find wall to hang it on in our next home.

Everyone that comes by checks their height too.

It’s fun. 

But most importantly;


Mini-me is eating his vegemite and growing taller everyday.  I now know this; for sure!


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