Pop Tarts and Marshmallow Cream in Australia

Last week, in this post, I shared with you where I have been fortunate enough to find my beloved Dr. Pepper in Australia. 

Afterwards, I got to thinking that you might also like to know that I have found Pop Tarts and Marshmallow Cream  (actually spelled Crème) as well.

Yes, I know, that anyone who has been shopping in Australia has seen Pop Tarts in the Lolly shops, but who can afford $10.00 a box.  In Texas, I paid $2.00.  A much more reasonable price.

Well, the same can be done here!


I never was a stickler for the name brand stuff anyway!

These lovely Toast’em pop-ups and the following Marshmallow Crème can both be found at your local Reject Shop.  {I have been to three different Reject Shops on the Gold Coast and each one carried both items.}


The Toast’em Pop-Ups are $3.00 a box. They do have the variety box as well, if you prefer.

I absolutely adore putting the chocolate Toast’em in the freezer and eating it that way.  It doesn’t get hard like you would think.  It’s just pure yummy. (my teenager taught me that little trick)


SL377576The Marshmallow Crème also comes in a campfire/smore’s flavor and they cost $2.00 per jar.

I bought the regular flavor as you can see because I love to make fudge. 

Most Australians I have spoke to don’t know what to use the Marshmallow Crème for.  I use it to make fudge (a recipe will surely soon follow), I add it to a peanut butter sandwich, use it to make some cake frostings and I also have a fruit dip recipe. 

I imagine there are many other uses, but I usually don’t have enough left after the fudge and sandwiches (don’t say “Aack”.  It really is good).

What do you use Marshmallow Crème for?


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Rachel said...

No way! Thanks for posting about the marshmallow creme! I'll check it out!xx

Anonymous said...

Hi again Kim
Please be very careful about consuming or using products from cheap chain stores.
Most of their food products & cosmetics are manufactured in Asian countries using Raw Sewage.
Several years ago fruit & veggies where also imported & sold at Coles & Woolies until it was discovered that they where grown using raw sewage. The Govt then banned importation. This hasn’t happened with the packaged items manufacture in Asian Countries. An example is Colgate Toothpaste manufacture in Asian Counties (from the cheap shops) has horrific toxins in it. Then Hair Dyes that women have had all their hair fall out. Coffee that is manufactured to a sub standard level that wouldn’t meet out food regulations as well as tastes it.
There are high levels of toxins in most of the candy. Mentos are a very good example.
I get many things from (as they are the cheapest around)


ex Pat Calif to Cornubia Qld
Wildlife Rescue and Care

PS When we migrated here (family of 7, 5 children 4 yrs to 12 yrs) There was NO US products at all, no international cuisine at all. We brought Masa Flour with us & Mum would spend ALL day making corn tortillas so we could have tacos. (About 4 years later a manufacture open at the G’Coast and we would buy 60 dozen every month). We made our own Mayonnaise, and everything else we missed.

Anonymous said...

Their Root Beer, Dr Pepper is $1.65 per can. I also know it is safe to consume.
Pop Tarts (the real thing) are boxes of 8 and work out to less than $0.95 each. Again safe to eat.

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