Mirror Make-over : Seven Year’s Bad Luck?

I was so thrilled when I picked up this beautiful antique mirror at a garage sale!

As I got it home and was carrying it into my garage, the cord that the mirror hangs on broke.  It was clearly aged and had finally given out. 

Needless to say, mirror + concrete is not a good combination.  My new/used mirror was broke!


Seven years bad luck? Not this chick!

I decided I would make good use out of the remains.  When I took the broken glass from the wooden frame, I was delighted to see a beautiful skeleton that could be refashioned into a new and improved, if not modern, mirror.


Of course the first step was to remove the back.  Then I began to fill the cracks and dents with wood glue.


I made sure to fill in the “inside” of the frame as well.


Once I sanded the glue, I began to spray paint the frame white.  It took two coats (sanding in between) to get the depth and coverage I was aiming for.


Once the paint was dry, I spread the top and outside edge with a strong craft glue and carefully placed rhinestone gems randomly across the frame. (Sorry, no picture of this step)

I took the frame to a glass shop and had a mirror custom cut to fit.  I used mirror adhesive to affix the original wood backing to the mirror,  I then nailed the wood backing to the completed frame.


This is now my new and improved mirror! 

I love it!

Now all I have to do is figure out where I like it best.  I keep moving it around the house. 

It looks great in every room.

Mirror Makeover

I think this project saved me from seven years bad luck.  What do you think?

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