Mini–Me and Potty Training

If you recall, I started potty training several months ago (click here).  It didn’t go so well and I decided to put it on hold for a while. 

While Mini-me was ready physically; he was determined NOT to do it. Perhaps he felt lazy about it, or maybe he was resentful that when he originally asked me to potty, I put him off (we were moving).  Either way, he wanted nothing to do with it and I don’t believe that fighting over potty training is good for anyone.

Then one day I happened upon a very helpful Pin; Potty Training in a Day.


(Please forgive me….I don’t know how to properly embed a pin.  The links will work, though.)

I liked this idea and thought I would give it a try.  Of course, like any good mom knows; you must tweak to suit your lifestyle.  I did.

Here are my tweaks:

We didn’t use the doll.  As I had already begun potty training earlier; Mini-me knew how to do it and I didn’t need to show him.

We still wore diapers at naptime and night time until Mini-me woke up dry.  Then we phased them out.  This caused no disruption because he understood when I explained that we can’t go to the potty when we are sleeping.  But if he woke up and needed to go, we would take the diaper off and he would still be dry.

We also wore diapers the first few days we left the house.  When he was able to explain that he needed to go to the toilet, we phased them out too.  This only took a few days after the initial training was complete.

I also let Mini-me go about his usual daily activities while training.  I wanted to train him to be able to stop what he was doing to go to the toilet like he normally would have to.  I did, however give him my undivided attention that day.  Whatever he was doing, I did with him so I could monitor the “signs” and make him feel like it was HIS SPECIAL DAY.

My goal in the changes I made were to make Mini-me more comfortable with the potty training.   I knew that if he were to have accidents in the beginning while sleeping or in public, it would disrupt his potty training and make him feel like a failure.  I thought it would be best to get the basic potty training successfully accomplished and then move on to the more difficult aspects like being able to “hold it” until we found a bathroom in the shopping mall or a place to stop on the highway.

This “Potty training in a Day” was a huge help in our house and Mini-me was so proud when he was able to wear his Lightening McQueen big boy pants without fear of accidents.

He is a big boy now thanks to this wonderful method.


Go Give it a try…It works.

Happy Potty-ing,

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