Dr. Pepper - Available in Australia

As we all  know, I am from Texas.  This requires a few things (being Texan, that is);

  1. A love of chicken fried steak
  2. Dancing the two step
  3. And most important of all – A deep and true love of DR. PEPPER!

Okay, my list of “requirements” may not be exactly true.

Being southern, especially Texan, is so much more than the three items listed above; but today I am hoping to clearly express my love of Dr. Pepper through ridiculous exaggeration.

Dr. Pepper

When I moved to Australia, I began to experience terrible cravings for my much loved beverage only to find that they were not available here.  I was confused, baffled, and perhaps a bit scared.  Could it be true?  Had the rest of the world not discovered the pure bliss of taking that first sip of this beautiful ice, cold beverage.  Was I doomed to live without it?  Ohhhh, the horror!

Then one day, as I was shopping I spotted my much loved drink being sold in a lolly shop.  I rushed in, mouth watering and stopped short when I saw the price: $2.99!

Yup, that’s right; $3.00 per can.  Not even an Australian can (375ml).  It was a regular can of Dr. Pepper, size 355 ml.

Dr. Pepper canTo understand how deep my love runs: turn the can slightly to see where it is made…

Plano, Texas…That is where my actual address once was.  (a suburb of Dallas)

I grabbed it, popped it open and savored every last drop! 

Since then, Australia has come a long way.  And this is what I want to share with you.

Where you can find Dr. Pepper in Australia (on the Gold Coast, at least) for less.

  • Lolly shops have Dr. Pepper – for a price.
  • Convenience stores have Dr. Pepper. {In Surfers Paradise, you can purchase a 12 pack for $15.00}
  • The Reject shop has single cans or 12 packs.  The price is usually $15.00/pack, or a bit more for single cans.
  • The most recent place…Coles Supermarket now carries DP for ~$1.79/can

Now go – BE FREE!  Enjoy your DP and never look back!

But be sure to visit here again…I have several other secrets to reveal….



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Rachel said...

I know!!!! I'm glad I am not the only one that discovered this miraculous occasion! I've seen it here at the Costco in Melbourne, but I hate to spend $30.00+ bucks on a flat. And yes our local Coles carries it as well. Yay! Too bad I've given up sugar for the next little while (gained about 10lbs since I moved here 18 months ago). Happy drinking!xx

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