DIY–Homemade Wrinkle Releaser & Anti Static Cling

Winter has arrived!  With winter comes wrinkled, static clothes (at least here where I live). 


I’m using one of Mini-me’s favorite shirts for this post.  It photographs the wrinkles best.

Yesterday I found myself searching through all of the cupboards looking for that tiny little can of anti-static cling that I brought from the USA.

It is gone! 

Just when I was about to tuck my favorite {albeit wrinkled, static filled} skirt back into my closet; I realized I could make my own wrinkle releaser.

While browsing online for faux Febreeze (posted here) I happened upon several wrinkle releasers as well.  It seems they have the same element; fabric softener.

Fabric softener is also the same element in anti static cling recipes. 

If you read my blog regularly; you will know I’m a “kill two birds. one stone” kinda gal.   That being said, the idea of using the fabric freshener for my skirt crossed my mind except for one thing:

  • the baking soda will leave deposits on my skirt

Here is the recipe I finally concocted taking cues from several different ideas:


1 part fabric softener

1 part vinegar

1 part water*

Mix the above ingredients in a spray bottle and shake.

*I used demineralized water (to ensure no deposits on clothing).  Tap water will work too.

To use this product, lightly spray on wrinkled or static clothing.

If removing wrinkles, gently pulled damp clothing to stretch the wrinkles out.  Hang to dry.


In this photo, you can see the left side of the shirt is treated.

Mr. AK says “Why don’t you just iron out the wrinkles?”.  My answer:  “I’m American.”

I know that isn’t a good reason, but he doesn’t question me anymore.  For you, I will tell you the real reasons…..

  1. I don’t have time to iron
  2. Wrinkle releaser seems to prevent wrinkles. Ironing removes them, but they return easily.
  3. The wrinkle releaser also prevents/cures static cling.

That being said; there are a few items that I will spray with the releaser then iron for that finishing touch that only an iron can do.

Try it and decide for yourself.


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Static Window Clings said...

This is a great option I want to try the vinegar option. I have also heard that rubbing lotion can stop the cling. Like you said it can get really embarrassing, like face blood red and wanting to just run away from people embarrassing! Thanks for this tip!

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