Potty Training and Mini-Me

The New Year brings new lessons, at least that’s what I have always chosen to believe.  This year, I have imposed a New Year’s resolution/lesson on my 2 year old; learn to become potty trained.  If you follow me on twitter (and I sincerely hope you do); you would know it is not going so well  - my resolution/lesson is obviously patience.  Hopefully we’ll both get there; and soon.

Today, I decided that he needed a little motivation.  I browsed online and found this lovely Dora the Explorer Potty Training Chart.  Yes, Mini-me is a Dora groupie.

ChartThe chart was free and Nick Jr. generously allowed me to print directly from the site. [Click here to print a chart too].


I trimmed the chart and placed it in a glass document frame. 

Hanging with Suction cups

To hang it in the bathroom I used suction cups on the outside of the shower wall so that it is level with Mini-me.

Stickers outta reach

I hung the matching stickers (I happened to have these in a drawer – told you Mini-me was a Dora groupie) above the toilet so that he couldn’t reach them.  No cheating allowed when it comes to potty training.

Frame with stickers

Our agreement was that he gets a sticker for every pee in the potty and when the chart is full; I will buy him a “BIG” car.  Just for clarification, Hot Wheels are little cars.  He will get an awesome new car of his choice and according to him; it will be “BIG”.

Yes, I am desperate.  I think that’s part of the parent’s role/lesson in the Potty Training experience.  Hey, if the bribe works how can I complain?  It’s a small price to pay for no more diapers.

Thanks Nick Jr.  Let’s hope this chart will get the job started; and maybe, just maybe, finished.

Oh, Happy Day!


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