Monogrammed Wine Bucket

We have been having such a wonderful Holiday break!  The weather is gorgeous here on the coast and everyone is enjoying the great outdoors.  It has been two weeks of endless social events and I am loving it!

All of the outdoor entertaining and parties we have been attending got me to thinking we needed an acrylic wine bucket.  I do love my champers but nothing is worse than a warm glass of bubbly.  Acrylic is great because it is lightweight, practically unbreakable and welcome at the pool and beach areas.  That being said, it can be a bit boring.  I decided to spruce mine up with a rhinestone monogram.

Finished Wine Bucket

The supplies were all things I had on hand around the house.

    • wine bucket
    • double sided tape
    • rhinestones
    • silicone glue
    • printed monogram letter
    • glitter (optional)

Wine Bucket Supplies

It is important to use silicone glue because of the exposure to water and condensation.

I printed the monogram letter (font is “rapid” size 400) and used double sided tape to adhere it inside the wine bucket.

M Template

The rhinestones were then glued to the outside of the bucket with the silicone adhesive.

Glued Rhinestones

To prevent disturbing the rhinestones I waited until the glue was dry before I removed the template.

Wine Bucket M

I am so happy with the way it turned out that I decided to make one for a housewarming gift.  After all, I needed something to carry the champagne in ; ).

With the housewarming gift bucket, I added glitter with glue then placed the rhinestones on top with silicone.

Glittered Wine Bucket

I put the bottle of champagne inside on top of  packing peanuts, added a few re-freezable ice cubes and wrapped the package in cello.


It was such a special gift for special friends and when they realized it was homemade; they were so touched.

Now that we are all ready for summer; let the partying continue!



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Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

That is GREAT idea! I love it! So simple - would make a great wedding gift as well I think! Hmmm... :)

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