Samsung Camera vs. I phone 4 Camera

Last year I shared my recipe for the Best Ever Banana bread.  In this post the photos were less than perfect, so I sent Mr. AK a little hint that I would love a new camera. (click the link above to see recipe and the camera I wanted).

Evidently since I make the banana bread; Mr. AK didn’t read the hint. Needless to say I continued to use my Samsung camera to capture all of our family shots.  Until one day my camera stopped cooperating. (I think the ocean air caused it to lock up). I pulled out my I phone 4 and started using that.  The camera worked great, but it didn’t provide all of the flexibility that a normal camera does.


When the new I phone 4 was released I tunes provided a new software to download.  I obediently did this (it took 3 hours – all of my old software was wiped clean from my phone and everything was reloaded).  I used the camera as normal, but never gave up hope on my Samsung.  Finally the Samsung started to work again.  I started shooting photos with it.  Guess what I discovered?


I looked back to some old posts (yes, I used the settings manually on my camera to achieve the best results, etc…).

This photo was taken last December with the Samsung:

Peppermint Mocha

I replaced it with this photo yesterday taken with my phone (no special settings required although there are a few editing options available):

Peppermint mocha It is my recipe for a Peppermint mocha you can read here.

I have stopped using my Samsung.  To test my theory for the last several weeks I have only used my I phone 4 for all of my photos.  You can browse through my blog and see the difference. 

I think I will stick with the phone for now.  It is a lot easier to carry one phone than a phone and a camera. 

After all I really want to capture these shots:


I haven’t even edited this photo yet.  I wanted the footprints.  I phone 4 gave me so much more!

Tell me; what camera do you use and if you’re happy with the results.  Perhaps you could even point me in the direction of some of your photos….  I would love to hear what everyone is using.


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Disclosure:  I have not been employed or paid to write this post.  The opinions I have stated are mine and have been obtained through my observations and usage of the products stated.

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