Salt Dough Gift Tags and Ornaments

This Christmas I wanted to make some gingerbread people for my tree.  I wanted them to be colorful and well decorated.  The thought of going through all of that trouble only to throw them away, didn’t sit well with me.


My next thought was to make Salt Dough gingerbread people.  I would be able to spend as much time decorating them as I wanted then store them away to be appreciated again next year.


Since I haven’t made salt dough since I moved to Australia, I decided to give it a trial run first.

Here is the recipe I have always used:

1 cup of table salt

2 cups of flour

1 cup of warm tap water

Mix until a dough forms.  Turn out and knead for 5 to 10 minutes.  Roll, and cut into shapes.  Bake at 95° C (200°F) for at least 2 hours.

For my trial batch, I decided to make some gift tags.  I used egg rings to cut them and a toothpick to make a hole for hanging.


I had some beautiful rubber stamps that said “Love”.  I pressed some of the gift tags with out ink and some with black ink.


Once they were perfectly dry, I used sealer to ensure their longevity and sprinkled white glitter while the sealer was still wet.


I then ran a thin silver ribbon through the hole and tied a perfect bow.  I hot glued the bow in place.


I think they look great on the Christmas tree.


They also look great on the gifts.  I wrote the name using a permanent marker.

Gift Tag 

But what I am really anxious to use them on are the wine bottles.  A Christmas ornament and bottle of wine…the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


Now, I’m off to start the Salt Dough people.  I reckon those might take a bit longer.

Happy gift wrapping!


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