Recipe for How to Make Decoupage Glue

Many years ago my little boy had a plain, white dresser in his room.   He was really into music at the time, so I purchased the cutest black and white sheet music fabric for some pillows.   Before I sewed the cases,  I photo copied the fabric and decoupaged it to the dresser drawers.  He was smitten.  I was in love.  Thus began my beautiful and long relationship with this fantastic crafting glue. (Sorry I have no photos – very long time ago).

Decoupage Glue

Since that first dresser project, I have used decoupage glue on many projects.  It works great on just about any type of thin material you wish to permanently place.  I like using it because you get a smoother application than with regular craft glue.  [Check out my ugly duckling table.   I decoupaged fabric to it and not only is it beautiful but it has held up great under daily use.]

But alas, my bottle is empty, it is raining and the nearest jar of decoupage is 15 minutes away.  Not worthy of dragging Mini-me out in a monsoon.  What did I do, you ask?

I made my own decoupage glue.

I used this full jar of craft glue that has been hiding in the craft box.

Craft Glue

  Poured it straight into my empty decoupage glue bottle.  Love recycling….

Pour  Then I filled 1/3 of the empty craft glue bottle with water and added it to the decoupage glue bottle.

Mix  I replaced the lid, shook it vigorously and let it settle before I used it.  I don’t want those air bubbles you see above in my project.

Decoupage Glue

To recap:  the recipe for decoupage glue is

 3 parts craft glue + 1 part water

My cup runneth over – of decoupage glue…..

I would love to hear what you have used decoupage glue on recently and do you use different types?  What kinds?


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Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Good to know. I had a "recipe" written down on a post it, forEVER -I could not remember what the recipe was for. Now, I haven't seen the post it in a while. I think it was the same as this! I hope I come across that post-it again... I am curious.

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