How to Make Glitter Candles

Can you believe it’s already mid week?  Like everyone else, I have been busy decorating for Christmas. No nook or cranny is safe. 

Finished cabinet decoration 

This display is at my front door.  It is usually a place that wallets, sunglasses and loose change gets thrown.  It needed a makeover. 

I was walking by the other day and noticed the candles were sad and lonely looking. 

White Candle sticks

I had painted the candlesticks earlier this year and while I am happy with the result, the candles just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

Suddenly it occurred to me that these candles would look great in this spot.


Remember me eyeing them here?  While I loved them, I really wasn’t willing to pay the department store price for them.

Fortunately, I recently purchased a heat gun and had plenty of gold glitter on hand.  I decided I would make my own gold glittery candles.Contact Paper and candle

I used some leftover contact paper [from this project] to protect the part of the candle I didn’t want glitter on.Supplies

Then I used the heat gun to gently soften the wax.  [Be careful not to overheat your candle or it will run].  I worked in small sections as the candle wax hardened very quickly.

Glitter-1 I sprinkled plenty of glitter on the candle making sure to overlap the contact paper.  Then I tapped the candle over a piece of paper to allow the loose glitter to fall.  [The paper was then used to funnel the glitter back into it’s tube].Shake off excess glitter

Once all of the loose glitter was shaken off, I reheated the candle to make sure the wax and glitter melded together.   When I took off the contact paper, I was so pleased with the outcome. 

New candles

I notice that my candlesticks still looked a bit boring, but I had the perfect solution.

Add bows Everyone looks dressed up when wearing a bow tie.   Don’t you agree?

I think I might make a few of these candles for gifts this year. 



I know the light on the wall is hideous.  I can’t replace it.

Do you have any ideas of how I can cover this light?  The light works and we use it, but it is unfortunately in a really bad position on the wall and to change it would be way more trouble than hiding it.  

Drop me a comment or email and let me know your thoughts.  I am stumped.

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