How to Create a Decorative Candle

I love candles.  I mean, really; who doesn’t?  They are beautiful.  They smell good and they make great gifts.  The versatility of candles to update our interior/exterior decorations with the seasons and holidays can not go unmentioned. 

This year for Christmas I thought I would try something a little different. 

Candle in Hurrican glass

The candle was made using an inkjet printer, tissue paper, heat gun and, of course, a vanilla candle.

Tissue Paper Candle Supplies

Step 1.  If your tissue paper is wrinkled (yes, I repurposed used tissue paper for this project); iron it.

Step 2.  Use double sided tape or repositionable spray adhesive to adhere a piece of tissue paper to cardstock.

Stick Tissue Paper to Paper 

Step 3.  Place the paper in the inkjet printer.  Make sure that it will print on the tissue papered side.

Step 4.  Print the picture you wish to place on your candle.

Printed Tissue Paper

The lessons I learned from this (my first attempt at this project)…

  • Use a photo with as little color as necessary so it will blend into the candle better (ideally, you want your printed picture to be “floating” on the candle – not framed)
  • Make sure your picture will print exactly the way you want it before printing
  • The picture and tissue paper should wrap around the candle completely (the photo above would have worked better had it been printed in landscape mode)

Let me explain my “lessons” a little more.  I didn’t run a draft print and my project turned out a little less than perfect because I knew before hand that I was about to run low on ink.  I didn’t know I was going to run OUT of ink after this printed.  [Sigh.]  The lack of ink is what I believe caused the black marks.  I am not sure why the right side didn’t print properly (I will overcome that, though).   I decided to finish the project and post this so that you too can learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes the best way to learn is by the mistakes of those before us, right?

Step 4.  Trim the tissue paper to fit the candle.

Cut to fit candle

You will notice my paper doesn’t fit all the way around because I had to fix my mistakes.  Ideally, you want it to wrap around to the back.  I am not worried about the black marks, they will add to the “aged” appearance.

Step 5.  Heat the candle and tissue paper with a heat gun.

Heat with heat gun

Heat the wax just enough for the tissue paper to be soaked.  Don’t leave the heat gun in one place too long or you will have drips. 


Finished Candle

It may not be perfect, but it really looks cute in this display.  I love this new technique. 

The possibilities are endless!  Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Holidays, Personalized gifts.  If you can print it, you can make it!

I’m off to buy more ink!  I have some candle decorating in my very near future.


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RJM said...

Easy craft! Love it.

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