DIY – Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

Happy Friday, All!  It’s been a great week!  I am so looking forward to the weekend.   Not long until Christmas and so much left to do…

I have had a very glittery month (see “How to make Glittered candles here).  For some reason I can’t seem to do a project or a craft without wanting to sprinkle a little of the bottled magic on it.

Silver tree 

When I made my “homemade decoupage glue", I tried it out on this Styrofoam tree.  The glitter loved the glue!

I am so pleased with the way it sparkles amongst all of the gold.  Usually I wouldn’t mix gold and silver in such a drastic way, but it looks good this time. 

I couldn’t stop there. 

This year I wanted to go bold.  This tree screams BOLD!  Don’t you agree?

 Red Christmas tree This was a very easy tree to build.

Christmas Crafts-1

1.  To make a perfect triangle:  Measure to the middle on the top of a scrap piece of mdf and mark.  Then draw a straight line from the right lower corner and the left lower corner to meet the middle mark on the top.

2.  Use a jigsaw to cut out the triangle. 

3.  Sand.

4 & 5.  Three coats of “Cherry Red”

6.  Sealer and a sprinkling of red glitter

7.  Lay out a design with rhinestones and hot glue in place

This would be the perfect Christmas tree for a small space that can’t fit a normal tree. 

We have a normal tree – or three – but I am really enjoying my red tree sitting on a shelf in my hallway.  Perhaps I can get the whole display finished this weekend and show you a photo next week.  {I’m still toying around with some candles and stuff}.

Have you done any glitter crafts lately?  Please send me a link to your photos or Pinterest.

Happy Weekend!


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