Toddler Thanksgiving Craft

I know we have all made them…Turkey hands. 


While at a restaurant with mini-me the other day, I quickly drew the turkey hand on a piece of paper and gave it to him to color.  This kept him entertained for some time.  He proudly gave it to his Auntie to take home.  She proclaimed that she would keep it and give it to him when he’s 21 so he can see how far he’s grown.

It hit me!  I want a turkey hand of my own.  Every year. So I can see how far he’s grown.  A tradition bloomed.

I used MS Word to quickly put “[his name] Turkey Hand” on the top of a blank page then “2011” on the bottom.  The font I chose was Imprint. {I thought that was cute because I will “imprint” his little knuckle-less hand on this page.}

Mini me turkey hand

I chose to print my sheet on the same paper I used for my Thanksgiving Chain.

Turkey Hand Click  to find out  where to get the printable for the chain.

I hope that by using the same paper year after year I will develop a smooth Thanksgiving theme throughout my home.

Next was the fun part.  I placed mini-me’s fat, chubby, dimpled little toddler hand (isn’t it soooooo cute) onto the paper and asked him to hold his fingers very still while I spread them into just the right positions. 

Place Hand

I carefully traced around his fingers, beginning and ending at his wrist.

He needed his yellow friend for support.  Who was I to argue?

Add bottom

We did really well…I was not too worried about getting a little out of place when the fingers moved.  I thought that as years passed, this would just speak to his growth.

add feet and beak After I added the feet, eye, beak, wing and wattle – I’m not much of an artist – Mini-me eagerly began coloring.

Color I had to encourage him to use more than one color.  Did you notice that he only wanted the color of his hot wheel car?

finished color Now that it is finished, I decided to outline the turkey.  It was not very clear with Mini-me’s current coloring style.   I used a black marker and traced the original turkey.  I then framed it for all to see.

Frame and enjoy I used a basic black frame.  I am thinking that as my collection grows, I will want to create a different way of displaying the annual art.

I think we might be able to add to our collection for the next six years or so.  How would you recommend displaying a collection of eight precious memories?

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