Make a $200.00 Rhinestone Pillow

While I was out window shopping at my favorite store one day, I spotted this gorgeous pillow.

200 Dollar Pillow 

I have a secret love affair with pillows. It’s true…I love them.  Throw pillows, accent pillows, bed pillows, chair pillows.  The list can go on and on.  This pillow in particular caught my eye. BLING!  I LOVE BLING!

Beaded Pillow at Store

There it is again.  This time – be still my heart – there’s a completely covered pillow along with it.  I know the photo is blurry.  My fault.  I was so ashamed.  You see; when I spotted the first pillow I made the mistake of asking the shop owner how much for the pillow.  She promptly replied $199.00.

YUP!  That’s right.  You read correctly.  The pillow cost $200.00!


I guess the expression on my face gave me away because she quickly added that each rhinestone had to be hand sewn on; thus the price. (BTW, the smaller pillow cost more).

Back to my shame:

I immediately decided to make one.  So, when I saw the second pillow I took another picture.


So I wouldn’t be caught. 

Stealing ideas.

And being cheap.

It turned out blurry….

My pillow didn’t turn out blurry.

My 200 Dollar PillowNor did it cost $200.00

Each rhinestone was sewn on by hand though.

It looks misshaped but that’s just because mini-me loves the bling too.  I made this pillow about 6 months ago.  I’d say it’s held up really well with a 2 year old playmate.

I really need to give it a fluff. 

Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight; I’m going to go play with mini-me and our blingy, cheaper pillow.

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Taneica said...

BEAUTIFUL PILLOW! It's sich a pity I can't sew :-(

Anonymous said...

I share your love of bling pillows. I fell in love with pillows in gracious home by Sivaana. Each pillow is at least $200 :-(
I would love to know how much you had to spend for materials and if you considered making more to sell :-) I would buy!
I really need to learn how to sew :-(

Any info, email me at

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