Thanksgiving Traditions

Last year I began a new Thanksgiving Tradition that I wanted to share with you.  Hopefully you will start it too.  It really turned out to be quite wonderful.

Thankful Chain 

My Australian husband and the friends we invite have never celebrated Thanksgiving until meeting me.    For this reason I am often asked what the holiday is really all about.  To help them understand and get into the “spirit” of Thanksgiving; I utilized a fantastic printable from Silverbox Creative Studio. 

Thankful paper 

I printed out and cut the slips of paper, then I asked my guests to write what they were thankful for and “chained” them together.  After the holiday, they were stored very carefully away until this year.  Now they are available for us to read and remember last year’s events and the events that have transpired since.  I am excited about adding to our chain.  I think it is a great idea and am so pleased to have begun this in our household.

What Thanksgiving traditions do you do to celebrate the season?

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