How to - A Nutty Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Many years ago I made this cute little turkey at a MOM’s group meeting.  It was fun and easy and every year I enjoy pulling him out for our Thanksgiving celebrations.

Now you can make one too.  He is so much fun.

Nutty Turkey Here’s how:

You hot glue the two nuts together at the “turkey neck”…

Turkey Neck

For the base or “feet” we used little wood hearts.

Turkey Feet

When I have no wood hearts on hand, I use buttons in a pinch.  You just need something large enough that the turkey doesn’t topple head first.

Hot glue a little wattle made with red felt and a tiny triangle for the beak with yellow felt, two eyes and a fall leaf for the feathers.  If you haven’t any leaves, you can print and cut some out on felt or just regular paper (if using paper, that would be a good time to place names for seating arrangements).

Convict Turkey

This is his mug shot.  ha ha ha…

Here he is tucked away with my cornucopia.

Nutty Turkey and Cornucopia

I made this cornucopia last year.  Click here to see how to make your very own.  It is too easy.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


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