Free Toddler Christmas Countdown Calendar

Mini-me knows that Thanksgiving is over.  He has seen Santa at the mall.  We can only STAND and talk to Santa.  Eventually I think we’ll make it into his lap for a photo. 

For now, his biggest concern is about Santa’s arrival at OUR house.  He keeps running to the door and insisting that Santa is on the other side.  I realized today that he might need a visual to help him understand that Santa will not be arriving - just yet.

Close up Calendar

I put together this Countdown calendar while he was taking his nap.

You might notice it’s simplicity.  The focus is on Santa and what day will he arrive?  I deliberately left out the days of the week.  Mini-me is too young to worry about such things.

I mounted the calendar on cardstock and laminated it so that we could use a whiteboard marker and reuse our calendar again next year.  


On the back I put two magnetic strips. 


If you don’t have a roll of magnetic tape; you should invest in one.  It is great stuff.  All you have to do is cut off the amount of magnetic strip you want with regular scissors; peel the paper off the back and stick it to anything.  The possibilities are endless!

After I had the magnets adhered, I mounted Mini-me’s calendar to the fridge so he could have easy access to it – under supervised conditions [we don’t want whiteboard marker all over the house ; ) ].


He seems excited at the prospect of putting the calendar to use.  Now I just need to make him a calendar to show how many days until we use his Christmas Countdown calendar.  - Just kidding….I think we’ll survive for a few more days.

December Calendar

Here is a free printable for you to download in case your littlie needs a little help counting down the days.


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