“Big Boy Room” Decorating Updates

As I explained in yesterday’s post, Hello Again...Why Have I Been Gone?, I haven’t been writing lately.  This, of course, does not mean I haven’t been very busy with DIY projects.

Here are the projects I have recently done to update Mini-Me’s room.  All of them are recycled, reused, or just made from scraps of project materials I had lying around.

Wall Art

Do you remember these?  They were from one of my very first posts; Children's Wall Letters.  I used the leftover scrapbooking paper to cover a few die-cuts I had in a craft box.  I then tied them from a loop taken from a broken lamp shade and

Wha Lah!

Car Mobile

A new mobile. 

Every night mini-me points to his mobile and says “Tank you Mommy. Vewy pwetty". (Sorry for the spelling, but I thought you should have the full effect of his words.)

Then he decided he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and I couldn’t help but encourage his enthusiasm.

Buzz Floor Cushion

I had this piece of Buzz fabric lying in a pile with the title “What should I do with these?”.  The green in Buzz’s suit matched some shag chenille that was leftover from a project three years ago.  After a few seams; I had the perfect floor cushion for mini-me’s room! [BTW:  the insert is an old standard bed pillow with a little extra filler around it.]

Next with the left over chenille I made a coordinating “big boy” blanket.

Car Throw That’s the blanket on top of the back side of the floor cushion. 

I decided to use a complimentary fabric for the other side of the blanket because it was a little more flexible for years to come.  I don’t suppose Mini-Me will always want Buzz Lightyear, but he will always love cars!

Since I had tons of this racing fabric and the Gold Coast 600 Race was right around the corner; the only thing to do was a line of bunting for Mini-Me’s room.

Car Bunting He loved the bunting and adored visiting the races!  It was great. 

The last project I have recently finished in his room was made from recycling these Time Zone Clocks.  I no longer have room for them, but I couldn’t throw them away.  Instead, I took apart the clocks.

timezone clocks

Then I painted the clear face cover and hung them on mini-me’s wall.

Recycled Clock

They add another shape, texture and more color to his room.  He loves them. 

Everything looks great and Mini-Me is so happy to spend time playing in his updated “Big Boy Room”!

Mom is so happy that none of the projects cost any money and they actually found a home for some items that have just been taking up closet space!

Have you recycled lately?  They say it’s the “in thing to do”; I’d agree!


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