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As most people are probably aware; President Obama just visited Australia.  While here he seemed to be having a bit of fun with Australian slang. [You can read WA’s coverage of his trip and “Aussie-isms” here.]

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I too love the Australian slang and have noticed that without meaning to; I have begun to use it as my own.  This causes a great deal of confusion for my family and friends in America.

Here is a dictionary to help us through those difficult, all be it, fun conversations…

  • G’day Mate = Howdy ya’ll
  • Yank (or Yankee) = American
  • Fair Dinkum = for real, serious
  • She’ll be alright = don’t worry about it
  • No Worries = okay
  • barrack for (sports) = root for
  • beaut = good
  • bird = young woman
  • biscuit = cookie
  • boot = trunk (of car)
  • chips = thick cut french fries
  • doona = bed comforter
  • dummy = pacifier
  • jelly = Jello
  • jumper = sweater
  • lemonade = Sprite
  • lolly = candy
  • nappie = diaper
  • pram = stroller
  • queue = line (standing in line)
  • runners = tennis shoes
  • rubbish = trash
  • post = mail
  • serviette = napkin
  • sauce = ketchup
  • sheila = wife
  • ta-ta = bye
  • torch = flashlight
  • walk about = went missing
  • This is a very, very short list of words/phrases but they are ones that we use every day. 

    If you ever plan a trip down under (or if you are Australian and are heading to the States) this might be a list you wish to print and take with you.  I hope it helps.

    I have certainly had fun learning the difference in language.  Who’d thunk there could be such a difference in the usage of the English language?  And we haven’t even addressed the spelling differences.  That’s for another day.

    Cheers = Bye for now,

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