The Easiest Way to Make a Family Crest

I needed to make a crest for use on a  family project. 

I tried many different websites, programs and spent endless hours trying to get it “just right”.

I saved templates from the internet….4crests_2159_1404027537

Loaded them into programs and filled them in with color, photos, etc.  None of them turned out exactly the way I wanted.

I found lovely clipart of lions, unicorns and endless other creatures for use on my crest….


…which I tried making from scratch using Microsoft Word, Publisher,  The Print Shop and even Paint.  They were all coming along great (at one point or another), but in the end, I would delete them because they were taking WAY too much time. [If you know anything about a Mom with two teenagers, and a two year old; you know time is precious!] 

I even went to a very simple site and made a family crest, but was displeased because it didn’t have the scrolls and banners. – Yes, I deleted it too.

When I had finally exhausted all avenues; I decided to give it one more try online.  I typed in “How to make a family crest”.

This site popped up.

Family Crest Site

I remembered coming across it in one of my earlier attempts, but I passed it over.  This photo is on the front page and I thought it was a child’s site.  I, personally was looking for something a little more advanced.  I also noted that I had to create an account, and I generally don’t like doing that.  [More spam emails etc…]

Since I was officially out of options, I decided to give it a go.  I created an account, by putting my name and email. [As of today I have received NO unwanted emails from this site].

Step One.bmp

The next step took me directly to the crest making application.  It is fuss free with clear instructions of what to do at each step.

At the end, I printed my crest  directly from the site.  Since I could not save it to a file I wanted to use; I simply scanned it back into my computer as a photo.

It is now safely in Picasa, just waiting for the next step in my project.

Crest 001-3The blurry bit is me using Picasa to maintain a certain amount of Privacy for the family.  It is not on the actual crest.

Do you have a family crest?  If not; try the site above – Best Part –




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Natasha in Oz said...

This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Hope you have been well. How have you been enjoying winter? I'm getting sick of it and am ready to hit the beach and enjoy some sunshine!

Take care and best wishes,

heraldry said...

The coat of arms template above is copyright of

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