Candy Cane Hearts For Valentine’s Day or Christmas

When I posted my Favorite Things at Christmas time, I mentioned that if you didn’t have a box or two of candy canes set aside; you might want to pick up some at an after Christmas sale.  I did and I got them for less than a dollar!

Now, I am finally ready to show you what I do with these leftover candy canes.


In order to make this craft you will need to start with two, unbroken candy canes (wrappers still on).


Hot Glue them together to form a heart.


Let the heart dry on a flat surface.  Be sure not to bump or move it until completely dry.

Next, cut 18 inches of ribbon.  Any type will work. 

SL376838Loop the ribbon through the top of the heart, tie a knot and hot glue on the front.  Then turn the heart over and hot glue the ribbon on the back to hold  it in place.

You can decorate your heart with a bow or a rhinestone.  You might like to add a cute button.  Your imagination is the limit.  I chose to keep mine plain.  I liked the simplicity of this sheer ribbon.


After Valentine’s Day, I store the hearts away (I don’t recommend eating them), then I use them on my Christmas tree at the end of the year.  The hearts, if packed correctly, will last indefinitely.

How do you repurpose your Holiday decorations and ornaments?

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Shelly said...

These are so cute. I wish I would have seen this post sooner! Well, I probably would have eaten a few while I was making them, so I actually saved myself some tooth decay. :) I have some chocolate chips calling me right now, I am trying to tell them to wait until they are in cookies! We were on vacation and a restaurant served a CC cookie, freshly baked in it's own tin, pulled out of the oven and lopped with a huge scoop if vanilla ice cream. Heaven.

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