Master Bedroom in the Making?

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance, I can once again feel my creative juices flowing.  It is wonderful.  Funny how the weather can make such a huge difference in that area of my brain.

Today I began thinking of my 2011 Home Goals.   Of all the goals I have, the one that keeps coming to my mind over and over again is the desk turned night stand.  Perhaps that’s because I type at it everyday?


I think this will be one of the first projects I need to finish.  I had this desk in my craft room just a few weeks ago.

Then I came upon this photo online.  To be honest, I am not sure where it has come from. feinberg-new-master-bedroom I simply saw it in the “images of master bedrooms” that I had Googled.  It immediately screamed at me for attention.

The focal point of the room is obviously the headboard.  The curves and arch are unique and make a very loud statement.  The fabric is sophisticated, yet neutral.  Large mirrors and matching lamps ground the room.  They add symmetry to tie all of the pieces together.  I love the way the lamp shades are trimmed to match the headboard.  It is almost cheeky how the lamps and shades tie each piece of furniture together.

My favorite thing about this room is that it is elegant (symmetry and bold, matching pieces) yet down to earth and livable (crisp linen fabrics, neutral colors and mismatched furniture).  This is the perfect room for a couple with a toddler (wink, wink).

All of that being said; it is the dressing table and chair that inspired me to put my writing desk next to my bed.  Quite clever, don’t you think?  Since it very clearly needs paint, I started exploring my options.  I am liking the look white.

White pastel color deskPhoto found on “images of desks” in Google.

If you read my post "Duvet Cover", you remember that my bedding is dark.  Adding dark furniture to the room is not an option.

Master Bedding

Perhaps a dual toned desk would be more appropriate.


writing desk Photo found searching “images of desks” in Google

I will be referring my inspiration photo frequently to remind me of what I would like in my master bedroom as I continue with my 2011 Home Goals.

Do you use inspirational photos when planning the design of a room or do you automatically know what you want?


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bev said...

Kim, glad to hear the sun is out and I can see you are back in the groove.

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