How to Remove Candle Wax from Fabric

The holidays are over and the clean up is complete.   Well, almost….


During the mad rush to put everything back in order; I happened upon this candle wax stain in my table runner!


Here it is on the other side.

Table Runner

No worries.  These stains are easy to remove.  The only supplies you need are a paper towel, facial tissue, and a hot iron.

First remove as much of the dried wax as you can.  I accomplish this by pinching the material and also by gently scraping the wax off.


Now lay the material flat on the ironing board.  You can see in the picture below that most of the outer wax is gone.  The part that’s left is that which soaked into the fibers of the material.


To remove the soaked in wax, place the tissue on top of the stain.


Then place the paper towel on top of the tissue.


If you’re fabric is really delicate, you might want to place an old towel on top as well.  This fabric isn’t, so I didn’t.  Instead I ironed right on top of the paper towel.  Make sure not to use steam.  All you want is the heat.  It will melt the wax on to the tissue.


This is the paper towel. You can see the wax is coming up.


Under the paper towel, the tissue collects the majority of the wax.


I repeated the process on this side of the table runner just to make sure I got as much of the wax removed as possible.SL375748  Then I laundered the table runner as I normally would.Here it is back on the table.  Nary a stain in sight.


Did you have any wax stains from the New Year’s Eve celebrations?

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