How to Make a Scented Door Stop

I love the cross breezes through my house.  When my windows and doors are open, the wind blows through each room and cools us even in the heat of summer.  Ahhhh, fresh cool air.  Nothing is better.  But, as you know, when there is a strong breeze through your house, you need door stoppers.

I have been having big issues with a door in my laundry room slamming shut.  This door is between my half bath and the washer and dryer.  Behind the door is a window that MUST be open when the dryer is on.  If you forget to open the window; you can expect a sauna type situation within 15 minutes.  My current door stop is a bleach bottle.  It isn’t very pretty, but it gets the job done.

Last week in the local craft shop I spotted some lovely room scenters.  They were the exact shape I wanted for the door stop.  Kabam!  It hit me; Why not scent my door stop?  It can then hold the bathroom door open while providing a welcoming scent.  I decided to make one.  It worked perfectly and smelled good too.

Completed Door stop 

Cute isn’t it?  Here is how you can make a scented door stopper too:


Square 5 pieces of fabric to  7” x 7”.  {To see my tutorial on how to square a piece of fabric, click here. }

5 Squares

I dug through my scrap bag to find two coordinating fabrics.  The lighter one you might recognize from “How to remove candle wax from fabric” posted here .

Middle Mark

On two of the squares, create a triangle.  To do this, turn the fabric wrong side up then mark the middle of the top edge (for the 7” fabric the middle is 3 1/2”).  This is the top point of the triangle. 

Right Side

Now using a ruler draw a straight line from the point to the bottom right corner and a straight line from the point to the bottom left corner. 

Two Triangles

Now that both triangles are drawn, you will use these to sew your door stop together.

Two Sides

Place one of the triangles on top of an unmarked square.  Be sure to place the fabrics with “right sides” together.


Sew the two fabrics from the point of the triangle to the bottom right corner.  (Leave the left side of the triangle un-sewn).


Using pinking shears, trim to the sewn edge.

Iron flat

Now open the fabric and press the crease.

Third Side

Place the “un-sewn” left side of the triangle on top of your third square.  Again, make sure the fabrics are “right sides” together.  Sew on the marked line from the point to the bottom left corner.  Trim to the sewn edge with the pinking shears and open the fabric to press.

Open Flat You now have three of the squares sewn together. 

Fourth Side

Place the remaining triangle on top of the last piece of fabric you just sewed.

Sew togetherMake sure that the fabrics are “right sides” together and sew from the bottom left corner to the point of the triangle.  Trim the sewn edge with the pinking shears. 

Open Out Open the fabric and press the sewn edge.

Fold in half Fold the sewn squares in half so that the un-sewn edges match up.  (It will look like the picture above.)

Sew last side Sew the last side of the triangle from the point to the bottom right corner.

Complete TriangleTrim the sewn edge and your fabric will look like the photo above.  This forms the top of your door stop.  With the remaining square, you will add the bottom.

Line up bottom With the “wrong sides” of the fabric facing up; line up one edge of the remaining square with the edge of one of your sewn triangles.

Sew bottom

Sew the bottom edges of the square to the bottom edges of the triangles on three sides.  On the fourth side, only sew one to two inches in from each corner (you will need to leave a space in the middle open).


Set your door stop with the point facing upwards.

Clip corners

On the bottom edge, clip the corners by cutting off the excess fabric outside of the sewn edge.  Be careful NOT to cut into the seam.

Turn right side out

Through the opening you left; turn your door stop “right side” out and press the bottom edges.  Set your fabric door stop aside.


I created a Cafe Mocha scent for my door stop.  For this you will need some batting, whole coffee beans, vanilla fragrance oil, and uncooked rice (about 2 lbs).

Coffee Beans

Mix 3 drops of oil into 2 lbs of rice with 1 cup of coffee beans (this was the ratio I used – add or detract according to your senses).

Stuff top 

Through the opening in the fabric, place enough batting to loosely fill half of the door stop.

Fill Bag

Spoon the rice mixture on top of the batting until the door stop is as full as you like.  The rice should be packed in tightly around the filling and pushed into the corners with the majority sitting in the bottom for weight.

Slip stitch

With coordinating thread, slipstitch the opening tightly closed.  Keep in mind that the rice is rather small and you need to make sure your stitches are close together.  You are finished.


I think my door stop is a lot better than the bleach bottle.  It certainly smells better.  Hopefully next week I will have a coordinating window treatment for my half-bath.

Have you seen these room scenters in the shops?

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Shelly said...

Such a great idea. Perfect tutorial -I didn't get lost at any step! The scent you created sounds wonderful... I have only ever seen scented coasters before, usually scented with cinnamon spices. :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a great idea. It is a big step up from the bottle (how did you get a picture of my laundry room?)
another friday's favorite for sure :-)

Alex John said...

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