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I have fallen off the face of the Earth; so it seems for the last few days.  New Year’s was great!  Shared with some close friends in the comfort of our home.  We rang in the New Year with great oomph!  The 3 day weekend that followed was full of fun in the sun.  Finally, the rain has subsided.  Now that the holidays are over; I can concentrate on all things summer!  I am lovin’ it!

Today, the gardener arrived to make sense of our overgrown backyard.   With all of the rain; things have gotten quite scary out there.  While he was busy at work organizing the outside of our home; I was organizing the inside (it is one of my resolutions after all).  My first project was to do something about my jewelry.

A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping, I spotted the cutest jewelry frame in a shop.  The shopkeeper was using it to display earrings that were for sale but kindly told me how to get in touch with the lady who makes them.  I politely thanked her – then made a mental note to make my own.

Jewelry Frame-6  

This frame was lying in my craft room waiting for some attention.  Here is how I transformed it and you can do the same:

Jewelry Frame-10

Removed the back and glass parts of the frame. Prepare the wood for painting with primer.  I used a grey, quick drying spray primer for my project because it is what I had on hand.

Jewelry Frame-11

Once the primer is dry; paint the frame with your color choice.  This jewelry frame was spray painted glossy white. 

Rub N Buff


I then aged it with a pewter Rub ‘n Buff.  The Rub ‘n Buff is great!  It is a wax metallic finish that can be used to antique any material. All you have to do is rub it on and buff it off to suit your decorating style.





Jewelry Frame-1

The corner embellishments had been purchased at a scrapbooking store several months ago.  To fix them to the frame, I simply hot glued them in place.  Depending on your embellishments; you might have to use vise glue.

Jewelry Frame

Next, apply a layer of quilt wadding to the back of the frame.  To keep it in place; on the frame back, use a light coat of spray adhesive.

Jewelry Frame-2

Now cut a piece of fabric to fit the frame.  The main thing to remember for this project is that you want a porous piece of fabric so that you can easily slip the hooks of your earrings through it.  Velvet, fleece, or velour works well.  I chose a black piece of velvet.  Very “jewelry store chic”; don’t ya think?

Jewelry Frame-3

Place the fabric on top of the wadding and flip the frame back upside down.

Jewelry Frame-4

Hot glue your fabric snuggly in place.  You should make sure it is tightly stretched across the wadding.  I didn’t like the “unfinished” look; so I also hot glued ribbon over the raw edges of the fabric (sorry, no photo).  Once the glue is dry; slip the back onto the frame and secure.  (My frame has metal tabs to hold it in place.)

Jewelry Frame-5

What I really liked about this particular jewelry frame is that you can put your studs onto it.  They just poke right through the fabric and stay in place.

Jewelry Frame-7

I hung this frame in my closet.  It also has the stand on the back should I decide to move it to a dressing table later.  To hang the loop earrings, I used safety pins.

Jewelry Frame-12

I am “hooked” on organization!  He he he…

What have you been up to?  Do you have any organizational tips you could share?

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bev said...

This is such a smart idea. I might try this one my self!!

Anonymous said...

" welcome :)

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