A Brighter Lamp

Let there be Light!
I have this lamp that was causing a major decorating issue in my life.  It sits in my living room, where we use it every night.  I have not found an appropriate replacement yet.  But, rest assured, I will find one soon! 
In the meantime, I updated the lamp a little bit so that I could relax and concentrate on the rest of the room.  What was wrong with the lamp, you ask?  Well, it was big, it was black and it was not fitting in with the decor.  It physically took up too much space and darkened the rest of the room.
No, the black lamp wasn’t terribly ugly and since I was planning on replacing it anyway, I decided that I only needed a temporary fix.  Double sided tape to the rescue!
Double Sided Adhesive Tape
I measured the black, leather base of the lamp and then cut a piece of scrap fabric leftover from these wicker chairs to fit around it.
Lamp Base Fabric Measurements
I placed double-sided tape on the “right side” of one long edge of the fabric.
Lamp Base Taped
On the actual lamp, I put small pieces of double sided tape close to the back seam - near the cord.
New Lamp Base Cover1
I pressed the “exposed”  edge of the new fabric on top of the small adhesive pieces.  Then, I pulled the rest of the fabric snugly around the lamp and pressed the “wrong side” of the “un-taped” edge onto the “exposed” double sided tape.  Once the fabric was firmly in place, I placed a strip of the adhesive onto the bottom and top edges.
Tape Trim
I used cream trim to hide the cut ends of fabric.  It clung nicely to the double-sided tape.
Trim Base
Since the original shade was way too big for the space I have the lamp in, I decided to use a thrift store shade that I had purchased a few months ago.  It has been left sitting un-loved in my garage waiting for just such a moment.
Shade Measurements
In this lamp project, I showed you how to cover a rounded shade.  The shade I used today is square, so the method is completely different. I needed to make a cover by sewing four pieces of fabric together.  Using the same fabric as the lamp base; I laid the shade on top of the “wrong” side of fabric and marked the out line of just the ONE side.
Add half inch to shade cover  
To make a seam allowance for the cover, I laid a clear ruler on top of the fabric and marked ½ inch lines around the shade outline.
Cut on half inch mark
I cut the fabric on the ½ inch line markings and repeated this process three more times.   Once all four sides were cut out, I needed to sew them together.
Sew Shade Cover
I laid two of the cut fabric pieces “right sides” together and sewed one side.  Then I opened them out and sewed a third piece on one of the opened sides.  I did this for all four pieces until I came up with a sewn cover for the shade.
Pinking Shears
Using pinking shears, I trimmed the excess seams.  Then I opened the cover and pressed all four sides.
Cover Shade
The cover slid snugly over the top of the shade.  To secure it in place, I folded the top to the inside of the shade and hot glued it in place.  I then did the same with the bottom, being careful to pull the cover tightly around the shade.
Pale Green Lamp I am so pleased with the outcome.  The lamp is so much lighter.   With a smaller shade, it fits nicely into the room now.
I know it isn’t the prettiest lamp, but now that it fits in better, my attention can be drawn to other areas that need decorating. 
Have you ever used temporary decorating solutions to help you through a rut?

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I really like the change you made in the lamp!! Looks good.

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