DIY Australia Day Door Mat


As I was walking to my front door the other day, I noticed that the entire porch is looking less than inviting.  The wind and rain has taken it’s toll.  With Australia Day right around the corner, I decided that a little patriotic sprucing up was in order.

The most obvious place to start was my welcome mat.  It really had seen better days.  I have seen several door mats that look like the flag at local shops; but am unwilling to pay the price they are asking.  After all, it is only to be used less than a month.  So, I made my own.


The plain straw mat cost $4.95 at Big W (Wal-Mart in my language).


Online, I found this 7 point star and printed it onto regular printer paper.

7 Point Star

This is the star enlarged 200% and copied.  I cut it along the solid lines and traced it onto a manila folder.

Star Template

Using an exacto knife, I cut the star out of the folder. 

Star Template-1

After my star template was completed, it was time to begin painting the mat.

Taped off mat

I used tape to mark the Union Jack at the top, left corner.  Then painted the red first.


I just visually placed the markings.  No need for accuracy.  Instead I was more concerned with making sure I stamped the paint into the fibers so that it would withstand the elements.


I let the red paint dry then added the white borders, again stamping it into the fibers.  It took two coats of white paint to get a complete coverage.

Since I had white on my brush, I decided to let this dry and move onto the stars.

Painted Star-1

The Southern Cross is located on the right side of the Australian flag.  It is made up of 4 7-pointed stars and one 5-pointed star.

Southern Cross

I placed these by sight then added the Commonwealth star (another 7-pointed star) beneath the Union Jack.


I filled in the blue on the Union Jack and was finished!

  Flag Mat

The mat looks great! Now our home is properly welcoming Australia Day.

What have you been up to lately, bad weather and all?


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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Kim this is really cute and great price!

Shelly said...

Great job -I love it!

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