Candle Stick Makeover

I love these candlesticks. 

White CandlesticksThey haven’t always looked so bright and modern.  Earlier today they actually looked like this:

Black Candle SticksWhile I believe every home needs a few well placed black pieces to hold a room down, these candles were sitting right next to this lamp.


Yes, I updated the lamp  last week.  I like the new color much better; but it really made my candlesticks look dated.

Easy enough to fix. 

The first step is to scrap off the excess candle wax and sand.Scraper

I used this scraper.  It worked like a charm.  I then sanded the candlesticks with the sponge sander for a soft scuffing of the finish.  I need just enough friction to hold the new paint in place.


Now that they are all clean, sanded and ready to go, I pulled out a flat white paint. Flat White Spray Paint  I chose flat white because I don’t want the candlesticks to be glossier than the actual candles on top of them.  That’s just me.

White Candlesticks

Three coats later and here they are.  I love the new look - Very modern and clean. 

Have a great Day!


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