“Santa, I can explain”… DIY Christmas Shirt

Mini-me is in his prime this week.  Every time I approach the Christmas tree to place a bauble; he removes one.  He has broken three baubles and at least two new decorations that I know of.  We have been sweeping up shards of glass every day.  Aahhhh, the life in a house with a toddler…


In the middle of one of these episodes; I had a vision pass before my eyes. Yes, that happens occasionally with me.  I wanted to make a shirt appropriate for this little fellow and I knew exactly what it would look like.

Remember his Convict Costume? (see how I made it here) I picked the most appropriate photo of him in it and uploaded it to Picassa for editing.

If you remember, I loved the effects I was able to get using Picassa for my Ooky, Spooky Halloween Photo.  This time was no different.


I added decorations to my photo, cropped, sharpened, and fine tuned until I was satisfied with the end product.  Then I used the Print Shop to create a transfer.  I love this program!  If you don’t use it, you should.


You can see that I used the “storybook” font in Print Shop to create a message.  The text color was red and I outlined it in green.  Then I inserted my edited photo.  When I pressed “print”; all the work was done for me.  The images were flipped, the settings were complete and all I had to do was load the transfer paper into the printer.  How great is this program? Now if it could only make coffee….

Santa, I can Explain-4

I cut the text from my transfer.

Santa, I can Explain-5

Then I cut out mini-me’s picture and the baubles.   For the next step; you will need to follow your transfer’s instructions and iron the transfers onto a t-shirt.  I bought one from Big W (AKA Wal-Mart)

Santa, I can Explain-6

Please note:  if possible place everything where you want it; then iron it ALL at the same time.

Next, I cut a rectangle of green felt, folded it in half and cut one side of a Christmas tree.  When I unfolded it…

Santa, I can Explain-3 

Wha-la!  Since I really wanted this to be secure on a “toddler’s shirt” (wink); I loaded it with no-sew hem tape and ironed it in place.

Santa, I can Explain-7

To be extra certain that mini-me could not peel it off; I sewed it in place with a wide, red, stitch around the edges (to reflect the lettering in the shirt).  For baubles on the tree; I used Christmas buttons and sewed them randomly around.  Since I really love the sound of bells on children at Christmas time, I placed one at the base of the tree.  Just something cute about a child and bells….

Santa, I can Explain-10

Yes!  It’s a t-shirt of mini-me debaubbling the Christmas tree.  Do you think the convict outfit was too subtle?


He hates holding still but how perfect does he look?!?  And he does jingle when he moves.  :)

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I changed my mind about the linky party!  I am no longer hosting one.  Instead I am holding the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Click here to see the details.  It is great fun and Christmas gifts for everyone.


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Real Mountain Values (B) said...

So cute and I bet he does have the perfect explanation.

My son has been amazing with the tree, but I must admit that I cheated and bought a set of unbreakable ornaments that match the theme of the rest of the tree. Then those went on the lower branches of the tree while the glass went on top.

We'll just have to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. I may be back to copy this t-shirt for him.

Alicia@Thrifty And Chic said...

lol. This is so funny :) Maybe I should make a shirt like that for my dog.....he does the same thing with his tail :)

Judy @ In His Grip said...

This is so very clever. I am just learning this digital photo stuff,lookd like you have got it down. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip".

Ray* said...

ha ha. Cute. Cool way to make a tee-shirt.

Vanessa said...

That is hilarious! Cute idea! Thanks for visiting!

kathryn said...

Harry, my extra cute "dog" sorry Harry we know you think you are our baby, just loves christmas and the decorations on the tree he nussles into the gold lame used as the tree skirt and chases the balls under the sofa.....I reckon he would he would be nearly as cute as mini me.....parental bias I know..... have to concede though......
mimi me is adorable!

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