How to Make a Decorative Christmas Bow

Today was one of those rainy, stay at home and craft days!  I loved every moment of it! 

Over the weekend I had finished up several of my Christmas decorations and that left today for some fun extras.  I can’t wait to share them with you; but that is for another time…Now, I want to show you how to make beautiful Christmas bows like this one:

Gold Bow upclose

For each bow you will use a spool of wired Christmas ribbon (or any other ribbon as long as it is wired).  To make handling it easier, I unwrap the ribbon from the spool. 

Christmas Bow DIY

Make the first loop by folding the end of the ribbon over (if there is two  distinct sides to your ribbon, make sure the bow is right side out).

Christmas Bow DIY-1

Twist the end (where my fingers are pinching) slightly.

Christmas Bow DIY-2

Now fold the long end into the pinched ribbon to form the second loop.

 Christmas Bow DIY-3

Twist the second loop in the opposite direction ever so slightly and add to the pinched area.

 Christmas Bow DIY-4

Continue to form loops in this way, [folding the long end of ribbon to form a loop, twisting the new loop slightly and adding it to the center], until you reach the last 4 inches or so (depending on the size of loops, there won’t be enough left to make another loop – but you need at least 4 inches of leftover ribbon).

Please note here that I usually like to make sure there are even numbers of loops on each side of the pinched center.

Cut the ribbon close to the bow.

Christmas Bow DIY-6

Fold a knot in the middle of the cut 4 inches.

 Christmas Bow DIY-7

Use the knotted piece to tie the loops together in the middle of the pinched area.  Make sure to place the knot on the top of the the bow (where the first loop was formed) and secure the loops together by tying another knot at the back (where you cut the ribbon).

Christmas Bow DIY-8

The loose ends will be used to tie your bow to the tree.

Flip your bow over so that the front is facing up toward you.

Christmas Bow DIY-9

At this point your bow will look pretty flat and unattractive.  You need to fluff it.

Silver Bow

You fluff your bow by bending each loop into shape.  With the wire edges, it is very easy to pull each loop into shape or in other words “open the loop” .

Once you have each loop open, you will find a beautiful bow has formed.

Christmas Bow DIY-14

If you place the bows you’ve made at the top of a Christmas tree; they make a beautiful cloud.  I have a star this year, but some years I put an angle on top of “fluffy, gold clouds”.  It looks Heavenly.

You can also drape matching ribbon down the length of the tree from each bow.  Just attach the ribbon ends under the middle of the bow and swirl the curling ribbon through the branches.

This year, I didn’t leave the bows at the top of tree.

Tree Bow

I tucked them in open spots through out the branches.  They are gorgeous with the shimmering lights shining through them. 

I also use my bows to add Christmas cheer throughout my home decor.

Lamp Bow.PNG

They also make the perfect addition to a beautifully wrapped present.  Who wouldn’t love such attention? 

When Christmas is over, you can store the bows by packing them gently into a box with tissue paper stuffed in the loops.  Next year, pull them out; fluff them and enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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Sandy Ang said...

This tutorial is going to come in really handy as I look at the stacks of presents I've got to wrap. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog and hurray for everyone celebrating Christmas without snow.

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