Eleven Twenty-Two Designs – Interview with Tammy Edwards

Good Day from Down Under!  How are your holidays going?  We are getting geared up for New Year’s Eve here.  The sun has finally made a guest appearance and everyone is getting into the groove for a big party!  It should be exciting.  Today, I have a special guest to share with you.

Tammy Obar

Welcome, Tammy Edwards!

Tammy is an exceptional lady with an outstanding talent for creating the most adorable children’s clothes, stockings and all things monogrammed.  I recently visited Tammy’s website, Eleven Twenty-two Designs,  to see what she’s been up to.


Tammy’s work and creativity were so inspiring that  I asked her to do an interview with me so that I can share her inspiration with all of you. We quickly agreed that the best way to achieve this would be via email (busy holiday schedules and all), so I sent off a few questions and here is what she had to say…


Q. Can you give us a little background on how you started Eleven Twenty-two Designs?

A.  I've been thinking about starting a business for a while now...I just wasn't sure what type. I'm always looking for something to create and had a feeling my business would be based around children. I believe that God gave me the name for my business, eleven22designs, a year ago...but still, wasn't sure what it would entail. My husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas last year and I took some lessons. I quickly decided that reading a pattern and trying to stitch a dress together was not for me. I put the machine back in the box, along with the half-made dress, and stored it away. This past summer, we bought a new house. In my excitement to decorate and make it our own, I decided to unpack that sewing machine to see if I could at least sew some pillows to fill my new kitchen's window seats. I surprised even myself as I made bright, beautiful pillows to adorn my breakfast area. I thought to myself,"If I can do pillows, maybe I could do curtains!" Three weeks later, my house was full of pillows and window treatments. I decided that I could, in fact, love sewing after all. This past August, a girlfriend showed me a precious t-shirt that someone had made for her son. It had his initial "P" on the front. I knew immediately what my new business would be.....


Q. I read on your website that you are a "part-time" mommy to 2 sweet stepsons, and a "full-time" mommy to 2 curly Golden doodles.” Where do you find time to create these precious monogrammed designs?

A.  We only have my stepsons part time, so I have plenty of time to sew, sew, sew. My dogs, Boomer and Sam, keep me company as I work. Their favorite place to nap is at my feet in my sewing room. I'm just trying to keep them away from my foot pedal!


Q. I love your combination of letters, shapes and colors. Each product is unique, yet “branded”. How do you find inspiration for your designs?

A.  I've always loved color and bold patterns....but have not always been brave enough to wear them myself. This business allows me to combine as many colors and crazy prints as possible. Kids can get away with wearing anything!

christmas_shirts_001 How cute is that?!?

Q. Many people are afraid to mix and match patterns and colors the way you do. What is your advice on how to overcome this fear and how do you develop an eye for what will look appealing?

A.  I often laugh at myself for "trying out"  colors and prints over and over before I find a design that I think looks best. I usually choose several fabrics that "flow" together and don't distract too much from one another. I'll carefully place them onto the shirt to make sure they create the perfect design. Not until I'm fully satisfied with the result do I sew anything down. Sometimes the finished product is the 15th attempt.....


Q. Where do you find such cute fabrics?

A.  My new favorite hobby is finding fabric stores that are off the beaten path. I love finding fabrics that I haven't seen anywhere else. I want to be able to offer something unique and hard-to-find! I visited my in-laws in Kerrville, Texas for Thanksgiving and we all went on a fabric hunting excursion. We found a fabulous little quilting store that had hundreds of beautiful fabrics. It was the highlight of my week!


If you haven’t already stopped by and visited Tammy, it is well worth the trip.  Her prices are outstanding and the creativity is endless! 

Happy Holidays!


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Shelly said...

Great interview~ I loved the birthday cake and dinosaur t's. Thanks for passing on this site. :)

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