DIY – How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

Fa la la la la la la la….2 days and counting till the big man himself arrives!  Mini-me is soooo excited!  Every time he sees Santa, we have to stop.

This year I did something I have never even considered doing before.  I had a white and blue Christmas theme.  In years past it has always been red and gold.  But this year it was time for a change.

Christmas Skirt-19

It was fun finding all things white, blue and silver.  I loved putting the tree together.  But there was one thing missing.  A skirt.  So, I made one.

Ever made a Christmas tree skirt? It is super fast and easy!

Here’s how I made mine.

I used velveteen in a baby blue color.  I took a piece I already had on hand (it is a frugal Christmas this year) folded it in half and half again.

Christmas Skirt-8

I cut from one fold to the other fold to make a curve.  I am pretty good at “eyeballing” it; but if you are uncomfortable with cutting by sight then use this method – as shown in the picture above:

  • Cut a ribbon or cord to the length that you want the skirt width to be (probably best to measure from the trunk to the edge of your tree)
  • Pin one end of ribbon to the folded corner of the fabric
  • Stretch cord the length of one side of the folded fabric
  • Draw the cord to the other side making a cutting line as you go with a fabric pencil
  • Cut on the curved line

Unfold the circle and cut from one edge to the center of the circle.

Christmas Skirt-11

Sew a hem along the cut you just made  (this is the part you slide around the trunk of the Christmas tree).

Christmas Skirt-9

For the gathered edge, cut strips of fleece about one foot wide and sew the lengths together to equal approximately 2 1/2 times the circumference of the circle.

Christmas Skirt-12

Sew the fleece to the edge of the velveteen circle with “right sides” together starting at the hemmed edge of the velveteen.   As you sew gather the fleece slightly but keep the velveteen flat.  This will create a gathered edge to your skirt. If you prefer, you can accomplish this by baste stitching one edge of the fleece and gently pulling these threads as you sew the basted edge to the velveteen (this method creates the gathers for you).  When you reach the end, simply pull the remainder of the basted thread out of the fabric.

Christmas Skirt-15

Since I like everything to have a finished edge, I used a serger once I had the gathers in place.  This is not necessary.

Christmas Skirt-17 Christmas Skirt-18

At the edge of the skirt (where the tree fits around the trunk) place a piece of Velcro on each side.  You will use this to keep the skirt in place under the tree.  Again, not necessary, but if you have little ones in the house it helps to prevent the skirt from being pulled away.

Christmas Skirt-19

I placed plastic grocery sacks underneath my skirt to make it look fuller.  

It looks like a pillow under my tree!  I love it. 

I also have a tutorial here on how to make those gorgeous ribbon bows you see on the tree.  They are especially great when you have a little one who likes to play with ornaments (they don’t break).

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love a blue and white tree! I never can decide if I want to do a theme tree or not. yours is so pretty.


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