DIY – Christmas Flower Arrangement

If you ever follow me on Twitter; you will see blow by blow updates of my wanderings.  Yesterday I announced that I had seen it snowing in summer.  It is true.  I visited Movie World’s White Christmas.  It was beautiful and it was snowing!
  SL375800No, I don’t know anyone in this photo.  Can you see the snow? 
I had sooooo much fun!  What a great job Movie World did to really start the Christmas spirit! 
Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement-5
While throwing together some last minute Christmas decorations; I came across my faux poinsettias.  I use them throughout the house to tuck into “undecorated” spots or fill holes in the tree.  I also use them in simple arrangements, as I did today.   It is soooo easy and quick that anyone could do it.  Here’s how:

Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement
Gather your supplies…I used an urn, one bunch of flowers, and two different bunches of greenery.
Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement-2
I placed the vine into the urn,
Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement-4
added the large ivy leaves throughout,
Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement-5
then stuck the bunch of poinsettias in the middle.  I pulled the ivy through the poinsettia bunch and I was done.
Okay, I do feel like I cheated a little.  This really is too simple, but that’s the way I keep it real.
If you would like to make a proper arrangement, you would add the foam to the urn and hot glue each addition in place.  I didn’t want a permanent arrangement because my tastes change each year.  At the end of Christmas, I will simply remove the poinsettias and have a lovely urn of greenery for the bathroom counter.
In the meantime, this is where I put my arrangement.
 Christmas Silk Flower Arrangement-6
You can find my wicker chair makeover here.  I removed the pillows.  I have new ones in the making.   You’ll want to keep a watchful eye out.

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Debbie said...

My kind of arragement! Keep it simple and alive:)!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Wow!!! Beautiful arrangement! Great job!

Bev said...

Awesome, outstanding and very festive!! I like the fact it is not permanent and you can change the flowers per the season.

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