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I have been cooking and baking up a storm for the holidays.  Have you?  I suspect so by some of the awesome recipes I have seen.  My biggest problem is that not all ingredients I find in my American recipes are available in Australia.  I often find myself running to my computer in the middle of mixing something up to find a substitute ingredient.
Today, I made a Substitution chart to share with you for Christmas. 

Substitution Chart
You can click on the chart for a printable version.  Print it on cardstock.  Laminate it and keep it handy.  You’ll be surprised how many times you use it.  I am.  (Did you know that you could make “marshmallow creme”? – I can’t wait to get started on my Christmas fudge…)
Now don’t forget my drawing.  I listed two ways you could enter the drawing here (and if you do leave a comment, please come back to be sure it shows on the site.  I have had some comments left that I never received).
Not only will you be entered if:
1. you are a follower
2. you leave a comment
but also if:
3. You Tweet about “AmericKim’s Giveaway” so that others can join in the fun.  Please let me know that you have tweeted, so that I will be sure to put you in the drawing.
Hope you get as much use outta the Third Day of Christmas gift as I do.
Merry Christmas,

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bev said...

How clever, laminate a "cheat sheet". I had never thought of that. Something to add to my to do list.

Marcus Tarrant said...

A Gantt chart is an illustrated bar chart that defines the tasks and time lines for a project.Thanks.

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