Royal Wedding Tea Towel – Prince Charles & Lady Diana

Everyone must know by now that Prince William and Kate are set to be married.  What a wedding it will be.  I remember Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.  “A fairytale wedding” is what sticks most in my mind.   It was beautiful.

I have a huge surprise! – No, I have not been invited to the wedding….ahhhh

Last night I grabbed a stack of tea towels that I purchased at a garage sale for 20 cents in September.  They were destined to become aprons (yes, for Thanksgiving cooking).

I unfolded each one and imagine my surprise:

Royal Wedding Tea Towel 

This tea towel is saved from the scissors.

I googled the tea towel and found several listed from $48.00 - $58.00, used.  This one is new. 

Royal Wedding Tea Towel-1

See the original price tag for 50 cents?

Great thing I didn’t chop it up back in September!  Never thought I’d be glad to be a procrastinator.

I have since decided to use some old fabric to make my apron.

Speaking of fabrics…

Today Mr. AK picked his jeans up from the dry cleaners.  I had opened a Disney paint tube while standing too close to him and it squirted on his white jeans.  Oopps! 

We immediately dropped them at the cleaners.  This was the best they could do. Dyed Jeans-1 Not really what I was hoping for.  Instructions on how to fix this mess – tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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Bev said...

OH, My gosh. Is it on EBAY yet?? Let me know first.

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