Pure Indulgence – Chocolate by the Bald Man

During this holiday season we all need a little indulgence.  I have found mine.  Remember the Sushi Train?  In that very shopping center I also found a lovely little place to recharge.

Max Brenner

Max Brenner’s Chocolate Shop.  (Evidently, Max Brenner is bald).  I don’t much worry about his hair.  His chocolate is what I am most interested in and boy, is it worthy of my attention.

Max makes his chocolate on site.  When you walk through the welcoming doors the first thing you see and smell is the chocolate machines.

chocolate machine

And yes, they are full of chocolate!  White chocolate in one and dark chocolate in the other.  Mmmmmmm, I am in Heaven.

white chocolate

When I approached the counter I found the choices almost overwhelming!  I was supposed to be having some R&R, but instead my head is swirling with decisions.


After I ordered, I decided to do a little investigative research. (Purely for my readers, of course).


Swoon!  Everywhere you look, there is delicious, sweet smelling chocolate.  Honestly, I did not know you could do sooooo many things with this delicacy!


Yup, you read that right!  Chocolate for the body!  Apparently, it makes a great moisturizer.  I have to agree, as you can see there is a sampler - and I did.  It was lovely.  If you’re not into getting chocolate on your body; you can don this cute apron,


pick up this fantastic cookbook, and begin making all things chocolate in the privacy of your own home.  No one ever has to find out about my your addiction.


(See the words under the title?  A death by chocolate book that uses words like “soul-refreshing”…..)

For my little piece of Heaven, I ordered the Suckao.  There are so many different choices on the menu and each time I visit I try something new. 

Suck = to draw through a straw

Kakao = Spanish word for cocoa beans from which the drink is made


This was what was delivered to my table by the delightful staff.  Isn’t it precious?  My best description is that you are making your very own hot chocolate to the density of your choice – sip by sip.


Under the pot is a candle to warm the milk that you add as needed.  Then you take the spoon end of the metal straw and add as many chocolate chips as you like. Stir and sip through the straw.


How cool is that?  I loved it.  The chocolate is wonderful!  The method is fun and the taste suited my desire to a tee!


You can imagine my delight when I saw one for sale.  I was so excited the camera shook!  I showed considerable restraint and simply added it to my Christmas wish list.  How perfect is this drink on a cold winter’s night or served as a desert at a Christmas party?  Love, love, love it!






Did you notice the napkin?

Sorry for the chocolate stain.





If you look closer, you will see this was a contest by Max Brenner’s.   Jennifer Muller won the competition to design the napkin.  That is fantastic to see.  I love that they welcome client input and implement it into the store’s overall experience.


Max Brenner’s is quickly becoming my favorite destination.  The perfect stop after a long day of Christmas shopping (and as a side bonus, you can pick up a few of those hard to buy for gifts – like maybe a suckao wink, wink).

I should mention that I am not writing this post for Max Brenner’s.  It was simply a place I visited and was impressed by.  Wanted to share with you, after all that is what this blog is all about.

Please share in return.  We love to hear your comments, tell us; where is your favorite place to go and unwind?

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Rick said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I have been to Max Brenner's and it is as good as you say.

Anonymous said...

My mouth is "watering"
Max Brenner looks a lot like Yul Brynner in the sketch, even down to the earring that Yul wore in the King & I.
The shop looks amazing!
Where did you say it was?

AmericKim said...

Max Brenner has several locations worldwide. A visit to their website proves very interesting. www.maxbrenner.com They have listings of locations. Hope you enjoy as much as I have. It is fantastic.

Bev said...

Can I put this on my list of places to visit on my next trip??? I LOVE chocolate and your Blog.

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