How to repair white jeans – A lesson in clear thinking

Mr. AK has an expensive pair of white jeans.

Or, should I say, “had a pair of expensive white jeans’’?Dyed Jeans-1

Me, in all my glory, opened a tube of Disney acrylic paint too close to Mr. AK while he was wearing these favorite white jeans. Yup, it squirted when I opened it.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t my finest hour, but I can fix this.  First, I took them to the dry cleaners and the photo above is how they came back.  After several attempts to remove the pesky paint stain, they told me they couldn’t do anymore.

Boy, this stuff is durable.  I guess when you make paint for kids, you plan for it to last through anything.

Never daunted by an impossible task, I move on to Plan B. 

Dyed Jeans 

If you can’t remove a stain, cover it!

In hind site, it seems like a no brainer; but I thought I would share for those of us who can’t get beyond  “Oh shoot!  I ruined his favorite pair of jeans!”.  You see, I didn’t think of dyeing them; the dry cleaners put that idea into my head.  Hence, the “Lesson in clear thinking” part of this post.

This dye comes with a complete set of instructions.  You will need to follow it to figure out which way works best for you.  I had to soak the jeans in a boiling, salt water bath, use a little detergent. and add the dye.

I swirled, soaked, pressed, pushed, and all but willed the dye into the fibers of the jeans.

Dyed Jeans-21

You can see the stain is still there; so I soaked, swirled, scraped (the stain of course) and “willed” some more.

I must mention that you want to do this in a metal tub or sink.  It will stain anything black.

Once I was satisfied that the jeans would not accept anymore dye, I rinsed.Dyed Jeans-22

I then put them into the washing machine to rinse some more.  I know most people will say “Don’t do that”; but I wanted the added security of knowing that all of the excess dye was removed.  I hung the jeans out on the clothes line to dry, pressed them with the hot iron and sneaked them into Mr. AK’s closet.  He never even noticed.

Dyed Jeans-23

They look pretty good, don’t they?  No more stain.  Whew (wipe of the forehead)!

Next is my favorite shirt with the bleach spots on it.  These jeans were my first lesson in dying something.  Do you have any experiences or suggestions you could share before I move on to the shirt?

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Shelly said...

Great save of the jeans! If you are curious, you can go to YouTube and search "how to dye clothes" and you will find a lot of ideas. When I splash bleach on a shirt, or one of by boys stain their shirts beyond repair, I usually "reverse" tie-dye. Yep, rubber band them all up any which way, and soak them in a bleach bath. Making sure to have the stain areas exposed to the bleach. Good luck!

craftymamablog said...

I had some pink items that I wanted to dye blue, and I used the RIT that removes color. It worked great! It only works on certain fabrics (it didn't even touch the fleece, and barely made a change to the satin details) but when I dyed the items blue, it worked great! All the pink was covered up, even where the color wasn't removed. It even took the girly flower pattern off one of the items.

Kathryn said...

I am keen to have a go at dying new lampshades but am really hesitant as past experiences have proved distasterous. No luck at all apart from tie dying where the uniformatily of color is not an issue.
Can you give me some clues as to how to get a professional look? The shades are now white and also have pleated segments.
Your tips would be extremely welcome before I make the decision if I'll take the plunge!

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