How to make Basic White Dinner Napkins

Remember that sheet I used for the Halloween Costume?  There was obviously quite a bit of sheet left and I needed some napkins for my Thanksgiving dinner so, I decided to recycle/reuse. 
I love white napkins.  You can bleach them to remove stains.  They go beautifully with any table decor and I find them extremely versatile, from formal to casual.
First I folded and measured the sheet.  I wanted to have perfect squares of 17 ½ inches.
White Dinner Napkins-1
I then ironed ¼ inch seams on all four sides.
White Dinner Napkins-2
I cut the corners;
So that I could fold them.
White Dinner Napkins-14
It is important to have the right presser foot.  I used this one.  I can not remember the name of it and every machine has a different version.  It basically makes sewing a straight edge easy.
White Dinner Napkins-4
Once the presser foot is attached.  I set my machine to take the needle all the way to the right (my right).
White Dinner Napkins-8
Now that my machine is set; I fold the seam of the napkin (that makes two folds for a clean edge).
White Dinner Napkins-9
I place the edge under the presser foot and stitch.  I repeat with all four sides. Press and fold my napkin.
Yes, as usual, my photo is blurry.  I am preparing my letter to Santa tonight for my new camera wish.
The napkins turned out beautifully.  I made ten of them.  They are of a great quality for a formal dinner table and after Thanksgiving, I threw them in the wash with a bit of bleach.  Perfectly white again!
I really wanted to impress my guests with an interesting napkin display. I looked online for directions on how to fold different designs.  There were some instructions for folding a turkey napkin.  I found it really hard to understand. 
Do you have any ideas on how to fold an impressive dinner napkin for my next party? 

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Kathryn said...

These definately are a winner!
An elegant first impression!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...


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