DIY Springtime Door Wreath

WreathKeeping with European tradition, most Australians view door wreaths as something to only be used upon a death.  Mr. AK is one of those.

I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I miss my door wreaths.  I had to make a spring wreath!  I went to the local crafts stores and had no luck finding wreaths.  The only one I could find was a foam wreath (used for Christmas decorations and centerpieces).  This wreath was far too pricey for what I wanted!  At $11.00, I decided to give it a pass.  Instead, I found these silk flowers I already had lying around my house and spun them together to form a wreath.

SL375126I twisted these three branches together to form the base.

SL375127Then I began layering branches on top, twisting the stems to secure them.


I also used florist wire to secure the looser branches.  It’s easy to simply twist it like a tie.  It hold the flowers beautifully in place.


Once secured I used florist tape to hide the branches and stabilize the wreath.


I hot glued greenery on top of the florist tape. 


I had these wooden letters that spelled out “Spring”. [ Since I am all about being '”Green”, this is how I store my wooden letters.]

After I picked the appropriate letters, I painted them with “Lace” spray paint.  While the paint was still wet, I put glitter on top.


When the letters were dry, I hot glued them to a piece of ribbon.

SL375173Then I hot glued the ribbon to the wreath.

WreathI am very pleased with the way my Springtime Door Wreath looks.  The best part is that it is made with leftovers I had laying around.

Mr. AK said “Lovely,” but I suspect he is a little curious why I have a wreath on our door.  

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