DIY Prison Convict Halloween Costume

The Halloween decorations are safely packed away and I am ready to begin planning Thanksgiving.  But first; as mentioned on Friday (post found here), I made a costume using a sheet this year.  There is nothing better, in my opinion, than making something for your child that will help put a smile on their face.

007 and a half

Mini-me went as a prison convict this year.  [Did you notice the “black eye and stitches”? He had a prison brawl over some Halloween candy…hehehe.]

I know that you can buy the costumes, you can even buy material to make the costumes, but for me it is so satisfying rummaging through the closet to find items to use to make the costume for little to no money out of pocket.

Prison Convict

His prison number is “Double o seven and a half”. He’s really an undercover secret agent posing as a convict.  Sssshhhh… Don’t tell anyone.

Here is his ball and chain.  He’s been a bad boy (wink).  But he’s so cute, we don’t mind.


I made the pants, the number tags and hat using the sheet.  The shirt was store bought.   On all of the items, I used masking tape and a permanent black marker – or 5 black markers.

If you need directions on how to make the pants and hat, please contact me.  I would love to send you easy directions.  All you need is fabric, thread, elastic and a simple straight stitch.

Happy Halloween!


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kathryn said...

Too cute for words!

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