DIY – How to Make a Cornucopia


Cornucopia, a goat’s horn overflowing with fruit, flowers and grain signifying prosperity; is not available for purchase in Australia. 

I love this Thanksgiving staple.  The warmth and beauty it adds to Thanksgiving decor is unsurpassed (in my humble opinion).

What is a DIY girl to do if what she needs requires is unavailable?

I made one! heheheh – I am so excited to share it with you.

I bought this chicken wire for a garden project.  Ok, ok it wasn’t a project…I just needed to support my tomato vines. 

chicken wireAnyway, I got to thinkin’, it sure would make a nice cornucopia.

I cut it with wire cutters and shaped it into a horn.  To secure it, I  used the cut ends to wrap around the opposite side.


To shape it into a cornucopia, I  molded the smaller end upward.

wire cornucopia

Now I needed to put the “basket” into my project.  I used twine.  Instead of weaving it, I simply wrapped it around the wire.


I used hot glue to secure the end and any loose parts.  Then I braided 9 strands of twine together.


I made two of these braided ropes.  On the front of the horn, I hot glued one rope trim to the other with the wire in between.


This made the front “lip” of the horn basket. 


Now for the fun part….I stuffed the cornucopia with a bunch of things I had around the house and some items sent from Texas (thanks Mom for the care package).


Did you notice my white pumpkins?  If you remember, I painted them chrome here.  I decided to repaint them white and add some glitter for Thanksgiving.  You can’t really see the glitter on these photos, but they are very pretty.

SL375264I love my white cornucopia.  Have you made any Thanksgiving decorations lately?

I would love to  hear from you.  Your comments are very precious to me.  We love to share here.

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bev said...

Kim, This is great. I wouldn't want to think about how much this would cost to buy at a store. It is beautiful!

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