Weekend Garage Sale Finds

I was sooooooo proud this weekend!

I went out in the monsoonal weather we were having in the hopes of finding a church garage sale.  On my way (via directions compliments of I-phone), I spotted a garage sale at a local house.  I stopped, of course.

The two ladies and man running this estate sale were so very kind.  Because of the weather, they were closing up.  When I approached, one of the ladies handed me a plastic bag and said that I could have anything on the table (for free!). 

Of, course behind the table I spotted this valet:


There was a price of “$10 $5.00”.  I loved it! 

While talking to the ladies, I was pointed to this mirror:


It wasn’t broken (I did that when I got home; ugh!)

The kind man approached the conversation and said “It’s yours”.

Then they threw in these two lamps and two light fixtures for free as well.

I couldn’t thank them enough!  All of this for $5.00!


I’m going to have a blast fixing it all up!

I skipped the church sale and went straight home.  The rain really was coming down!

By the way; did you notice the chair that the mirror and light fixture are on is the one and only Cinderella Slipper Chair all stripped down?

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