Halloween Inspiration Courtesy of Pier One

It is officially Halloween at AmericKim’s Home!

I have been very slack in my decorating.  It doesn’t help that it’s Spring in Australia; a country that has just begun to stock Halloween supplies, sparingly.

Yesterday to get myself in the mood and pick up a few supplies for my DIY projects; I went shopping.  Here is the cream of the crop as far as store supplies go:

Halloween Decorations

Not too impressive, so I did a little online window shopping.

Pier One Imports always has such cute Halloween supplies: 

Purple Table Runner Peir one 10.00

This table table runner comes in black as well; I liked the purple one better.  It is a little more “Spring time” and different, don’t you think?

Peir One 20.00

This table runner is beautiful.  I love the look.

Peir One 6.00

To complete your tablescape; everyone knows you must have spooky candles.  Don’t these fit the bill?

Peir One 15.00

Speaking of “Spooky”; you will be noticing one of these very soon in AmericKim’s Home.  I NEED want one to complete my Halloween decor.  Isn’t it sooooo plush?  

Jack O Lantern 8.00 peir one

How cute are these lanterns?  I have to be honest; I did see these in the store yesterday.  I think they are perfect for our alfresco lifestyle and I will probably pop back into the shop closer to my big party for these last minute touches.

With the supplies I bought yesterday; I’m going to get my creative juices flowing.  Pier One Imports did the trick….I am officially in creative Halloween mode now! 

Watch out…Something Wicked this Way Comes!

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