Halloween Facts and Fiction

Since I have been living in Australia Halloween is beginning to become more popular.  There is some controversy about this.

Halloween FactsThis picture is from Wikipedia.  It is Halloween 1832 in Blarney, Ireland. 

I walk into shops searching for Halloween decorations, invite a friend to my Halloween party, or turn on the morning news and some of the comments I have heard are:

  • “I hate Halloween.  It is an American holiday.”
  • “Halloween is awful.  I hate having my car egged.”
  • “Halloween is only a commercial holiday to make money.”
  • and my all time favorite; “We don’t celebrate Halloween.  It is not Christian.”

Usually I grin and ignore the comments.  Sometimes I try to explain the correct information, but mostly I am saddened by the lack of fact provided to people.

Halloween Decorations

Tonight, I would like to expel some of the fiction and bring to light some facts about Halloween.


  • Halloween is NOT an American holiday.  Halloween originated in Ireland.  It is actually celebrated in Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and other countries.  Many of the traditions and the actual name “Halloween” come from the Old English era.  Because the USA is a melting pot of other nations, the customs and traditions arrived with the immigrants.  Australia is also a “melting pot”.
  • In the USA it is true that there are many Halloween items available for purchase.  I have always chosen to make my own costumes though; even as a child.  The most I ever spent on a pumpkin was probably $6.00; about what I spend on a cooking pumpkin in Australia.  I must also point out that this year, in Australia, I purchased my Halloween pumpkin at Woolworths (the local market) for $20.00.  I then saw them at Woolworths a week later for $22.00.  As Halloween approaches, the local market seems to want more for these Halloween pumpkins.  If Halloween is a money making scheme; I would say that it is not limited to America or any other country for that matter.  All holidays seem to be an opportunity for consumers to buy products and businesses to make profits.
  • Halloween has been called “All Saints Day”, a Christian holiday.  It is also considered by the Roman Catholic Church to have Christian connections.   If you date Halloween back to its origins, you would find that it was a day to honor the dead.  In particular relatives that had passed on.  The Celtic Pagans consider this to be a holy day.

I hope that these facts help to explain away some of the fiction surrounding this holiday.

ebay sept09 013

I gathered a lot of my information from Wikipedia.  You can find more interesting facts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween.

To view a wonderful info graphic, kindly sent to me by a reader, click here.  You will be surprised and amazed at some of the facts provided here.

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