Halloween Chrome Pumpkin Candle Set

Remember those faux pumpkins I bought?


As I had stated in a previous post; I don’t care for faux fruit or veggies.  This is no different.  They look fake, they are fake, the only reason I actually paid money for them was I wanted some Halloween decorations; and these were perfect!

I planned to make a candle holder set out of them. 

I sliced off the top of one pumpkin.  It was very easy to remove.  Problem: the inside is plaster of paris (aka: concrete)!


No worries, the hole was wide enough and deep enough to hold a tea light instead of topiary.


Now to do something about the color!  I hate the “I’m a pumpkin wanna be” look.

Wouldn’t chrome be grand? That screams “I’m not a pumpkin – I’m an art piece!”  Much nicer.


First I had to paint the faux pumpkins with grey primer.  I let them dry then added a coat of chrome paint left over from the kitchen stool project.

Chrome Pumpkin

I love the new look! 

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