Halloween at Sea World

Sea World

Today we spent an hour at Sea World (we have yearly passes, so we visit in small time frames).SL374258

Sea World, Gold Coast loves pirates!  I do too!


Pirates and ice cream make a wonderful combination!


I swear he’s thinking, “What a great idea for a kids’ pirate birthday party; a pirate ship sundae”!


Or, if you prefer Elmo….this cupcake was delicious!

What a great way to take a tour of Sea World!


But, if you need to work off the cupcake and sundae; this might be a better tour…


I adore the dolphins…


You can have your photo made with the dolphins


and keep your memories forever.


or take a scenic tour by helicopter for a view of the Gold Coast,


The monorail will take you from your hotel to the park and back


but the kiddos love the rides in Sesame Street park best.


On their birthday; they can visit Sea World for free


but today; nothing made me more excited than when I discovered


Halloween had arrived! 


You must understand that when I first came to Australia, Halloween was practically non-existent.  In the past few years, it has become a little more popular.


I expect in a few more years, we might be in full swing, after all Sea World has a jump start this year!


Halloween is lovely at Sea World!

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